W.E.P. provides programs for over 2,000 people annually.


Our programs focus on pack dynamics, diet, physical characteristics, communication styles, hunting strategies, current recovery efforts, bringing ecological balance, and the differences and similarities between wolves, wolfdogs and your household canine companion. 

We also dissect the negative representation that has been given of the wolf, both subtly and not so subtly, through the perpetual myths that are told and the destructive images portrayed by the media. We discuss where these ideas originated, and why they are false. It is our hope that through these efforts, these magnificent and widely misunderstood animals will eventually lose their status as a "target" for needless shooting. We hope that with public education on this topic, awareness will turn into votes, and these votes can send the message to protect this critical species as a whole. Thank you for your interest!

Scout Programs - Wolf Ecology Badge

Girl Scouts


Girl Scouts earning their wolf ecology badge.  Way to go ladies!

Wolf Ecology Badge


Girl and Boy Scouts can earn their wolf ecology badges.  The program is an intensive 1 hour wolf ecology training.  

Please contact us for more information.


Off Site Presentations

  • By appointment.
  • $500 for a one hour program, within San Diego County. 
  • Rates can be negotiated for programs outside of San Diego County.
  • Presentations are tailored to the needs and interests of the group.
  • Additional travel costs may apply for presentations outside San Diego County.


Off Site Julian Presentations

  • By appointment
  • Any group size, for a minimum donation of $300 per program. 
  • For groups interested in learning more about our project, animals, wolf ecology, behavior, and more 


Off Site Presentations to Schools

Within the next two years, the Wolf Education Project will also offer offsite educational opportunities to schools and other venues interested in learning more about wolves. For this worthy goal to become a reality, the Wolf Education Project hopes to gain support in efforts to acquire an ambassador animal suitable for such a program.